Internet Memes

It’s a scientifically proven fact that we all like funny stuff.  People love to laugh and to share laughter with friends. It’s also proven that we tend to appreciate things and ideas that are familiar to us more than those that are new.  Hence, it came as no surprise when the internet meme was born.  Pronounced “meem”, a meme is any cultural idea that spreads and self-replicates among the people.   On the internet, the most hilarious things and ideas are often the ones that get shared the most.  As a result, An internet meme is any funny video, image or idea that spreads via the internet and goes viral.  You may remember Star Wars Kid, The Dancing Baby, LOLCATZ or even the hamster dance.  These internet pop-culture icons were all examples of amusing images, videos or ideas that spread through the emerging medium of internet sharing and fast growing social networks.  Often, one of the defining characteristics of an internet meme is that it evolves and is able to be personalized to a variety of situations so that it gets funnier and funnier as time goes on.  Here at ShutupImTalking, we specialize in creating and sharing our favorite type of internet meme, the captioned image.


The type of internet meme that appears as a funny captioned image began as a single hand-drawn character.   Originally, this grinning character would appear when you least expected it in a series of photos or an amusing short viral video clip.  Often this grinning character replaced the head of people in photos who were caught doing something hilariously embarrassing.  As the popularity of this simpler type of internet meme took off, Meme images evolved to include entertaining captions that were designed to get a laugh.  The popularity of the grinning character spawned copies who expressed a large variety of different emotions, including horror, fear, creepiness, joy, frustration, and disinterest among others.  It wasn’t long before the amusing variety of characters highlighting the funnier aspects of life was consolidated onto a few popular websites that were entirely dedicated to the internet meme.  One of the most popular internet meme based website is  This site was the first to post funny pictures and allowed users to create and share their own internet memes with friends and family.  Many other sites now host internet memes, but only a select few focus on the highest quality most ridiculous and hilarious content around.  We painstakingly pick through the garbage cans of the internet, selecting only the ripest most side-splitting internet memes for your enjoyment.  We’re constantly laughing at internet memes and it no easy task creating and delivering the best of the best for our visitors…the few…the proud…the supreme memes.


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