Do you Computer?

Do you computer? I’m not great at computering but my grandson is teaching me how to computer.

I’ll Take One App Please!

Goes to the apple store, to buy an app.

Singles Want To Meet Me?!

I can’t believe all the singles in my area want to meet me, probably it’s because of all the iPads I’ve won!

No I Need E Mail

Gmail?! No No No I need email.

Computers Get Viruses Too?!

Computer has a virus? Better put it to sleep early.

Like If You Were Born In The 90’s!

“Like if you were born in the 90’s” Born in 1895.

Is This Facebook or Google?

Uses Facebook status bar, as Google search bar.

Go Outside and Look Up

Finds your house on google maps, Asks you to go outside and wave.

Can You Setup My Email For Me?

Asks you to help her setup email, forwards you spam everyday.

I Can’t See Anything!

Returns computer because the font is too small.