That’s About All I Got In Me

Wrote the first sentence of a 10 page term paper, “That’s about enough for today.”

Seats in the Front are for Losers!

Only open seats in class are in the front row, goes home.

Time To Register!

Classes start tomorrow, guess I should register.

Don’t You Worry Teacher

“Please do not read ahead in the textbook”, that won’t be an issue.

11:31?! I’m Outta Here!

Notices class has run a minute late, stands up and dismisses himself.

Can’t Be Bothered With Class Today

Weather is awful, can’t get to class. Weather is beautiful, can’t waste it in class.

“Required Textbooks” That’s adorable.

Can’t Find Parking, Forget School

Spends more than 15 minutes looking for parking, looks like no class today.

Time To Get School Supplies

Back to school shopping, I think I have a notebook lying around somewhere.

There’s Homework Already?

Reading due first day of class, drops class.