The Greatest Cell Phone Game Ever!

The Greatest Cell Phone Game Ever!

Friends Text But…

Friends text; best friends call.

Why Are You Calling So Early!!

If you call me before 7am; someone better be dying.

No Smileys?!

Your lack of smiley faces leads me to believe you are tired or moody. It’s ok, I get it 🙂


When people use multiple question marks, does that mean they REALLY want to know the answer?

I Pressed Call, Not Text!!!

Accidentally hit call instead of text, press end call repeatedly in a panic.

Are You Peeing?!

Does anyone else find it weird when friends are talking to you on the phone while using the bathroom?

Oh They Are On Their Bluetooth

That awkward moment when you reply to someone who was talking on their bluetooth.

I’m Still Here!

Saying “right’ to someone on the phone just to make them think you’re still listening.

Please Hang Up and Text Me!

I want to change my voicemail greeting to, “Please hang up and text me.”