What Did I Need Again?

Remembers to make shopping list, forgets it at home.

Guess You Had To See It!

Remember that hilarious scene from that movie? Let’s explain it terribly so it doesn’t sound funny at all.

Time To Turn Your Life Around!

Gives you inspiration to work out, study hard, and turn life around, 2AM.

You Need 8 Hours of Sleep?! HA!!

8 Hours of sleep? Ya, good luck with that.

Homework Break!

Oh, you got 15 minutes of homework done? Better reward yourself with 6 hours of surfing the web.

Awww Now I Feel Bad

Justifies something so you do it, makes you feel bad for doing it.

Where’d I Put That Thing?

Remember where you put that thing so you wouldn’t forget it? Yeah neither do I.

Is That Spelled Right?

Correctly type a word that you’ve spelt a thousand times, hmmmm that doesn’t look right.

You’re Dieting?!

“You’re Dieting?” Thinks about food 24/7.