Jessie Spano Caffeine Pill Freakout!

LEEEEROY Jenkins!!!!!!


Don’t you type at me in that tone of voice.

Excuse me, flow?

Jokes about menstrual cycles are not funny. Period.

That’s A Cold Hot Dog…or is it?

If you put a hot dog in the fridge, does it become a cold dog?

Slug Bug!

I want to drive a Volkswagen Bug around just so I am the reason someone is getting punched.

Seat Belt Panic Attack

That mini panic attack you get when your seat belt is all tangled up when trying to put it on.

3 Second Movie Lap Dance

That awkward 3 second lap dance you get at the movies when someone walks by.

Case or Naked?

Loving how small your phone is without a case, but you can’t bear to leave it naked all the time.

That Bottle Is Not Enough

When the entire bottle of conditioner at a hotel isn’t nearly enough.