Saving Money Isn’t Hard!

Saving money isn’t the hard part; the hard part is getting money to save.

Stop Playing Tetris And Get Back To Work!

Stop Playing Tetris And Get Back To Work!

Weekends Def Need Another Day

I really need a day between Saturday & Sunday.

I’m Sorry But…

Gets promoted to manager, apologizes to people when asking them to do their work.

Can Someone Explain This

Dear jobs, how will I ever get all this experience you want if you never hire me?

I Need A Vacation!

I need a vacation and by that I mean I need a new life…asap.

No Internet, No Problem!

It’s amazing how much stuff you can get done when you don’t have access to the internet.

My First Day At The New Job

Got promoted at work, first day.

Can I Get Some Money?

Never ask your parents for money right after they get off work.

Do You Reward Laziness?

Is there a job that rewards laziness?