Watermelon to the dome!!!!!


Meanwhile On Instagram

Meanwhile On Instagram

So a KFC caught on fire (When you see it)

Words of Wisdom

These vegetables would taste a lot better if they were ice cream.

Dieting Means No Food Network

Something you shoulder never do while on a diet? Watch The Food Network…

Eat Your Greens!

Does eating mint chocolate chip ice cream count as me eating my “greens”?

I Love Bowling

Bowling is the only sport I am good at because no running is involved, and you can eat while playing it.

Who Eats That Little Cereal?!

1 cup of cereal? No thanks, I’ll just keep pouring until it starts to come over the top of the bowl.

Can’t Pronounce It, Can’t Eat It

If I can’t pronounce it; I am not eating it.

I’m A Hot Mess!

It doesn’t matter how careful I am, I always manage to spill food all over myself.