Worst Rooster Ever


Don’t you type at me in that tone of voice.

uncool PDA

Facebook couples.  Y U No use private chat?

Why Is Your Blinker On?!?!

Turns on blinker, never turns.

12-12-12 is Coming!

12-12-12 is Coming!

How Do I Close This Thing!

That annoying moment when a pop-up ad comes on the screen and you waste five minutes trying to figure out where they hid the “x” button.

No I Understood It

No, that joke didn’t go over my head, it just wasn’t funny.

Why Can’t You Figure This Out DVR!

That maddening moment when you record a show and it ends up going over time making you miss the ending.

All You Have To Do Is Warn Us!

Posts movie spoilers on Facebook, no warning.

Wanna Play Some Games Bro?

Invites you over to play video games, never lets you play.