Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll! .

The BEST squirrel video you will EVER see!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a squieeeeerrrrrrrrlllllllllllll



Who’s Your Favorite?!

Every parent secretly has a favorite kid.

You Actually Believed Me?!

Makes up lie to get out of trouble, parents believe it.

I’m Counting To Three!

Like if you’ve ever made your parents count to three before.

Can I Get Some Money?

Never ask your parents for money right after they get off work.

You’re So Good At That!

Never trust your parents when they tell you that you’re good at something.

Curfews Are Optional, Right?

That curfew my parents gave me was just a suggestion, right?

I’ll Do Anything For You Morgan!

I’d listen to my parents more often if they sounded like Morgan Freeman.

I Just So Happen To Have My Laundry With Me!

Visiting you parents house just so your mom will offer to do your laundry.