Chocolate Bird

Its so majestic

FACT: When unibrows reach that special age, they fall off and become Soaring Eagles.

Do you Computer?

Do you computer? I’m not great at computering but my grandson is teaching me how to computer.

Found A Gift Card!

Finds $100 gift card in junk drawer, Circuit City

What Happens In Vegas

If the zombie apocalypse happens in Vegas, does it stay in Vegas?

I’ll Take One App Please!

Goes to the apple store, to buy an app.

Failed Final

Failed Final, so did everyone else.

What Did I Need Again?

Remembers to make shopping list, forgets it at home.

Why Is Your Blinker On?!?!

Turns on blinker, never turns.

But Mom!!

Missed the due date on an essay, has mom talk to professor.