The Only Tool You Will Ever Need!

The Macgyver tool box.

Why Can’t You Figure This Out DVR!

That maddening moment when you record a show and it ends up going over time making you miss the ending.

Trash TV is Great

There is something about watching unstable people on TV that brings me great joy.

Dieting Means No Food Network

Something you shoulder never do while on a diet? Watch The Food Network…

But It’s So Interesting!

That strange moment when the TV accidentally changes to a spanish channel and you end up watching it for an hour even though you have no idea what they’re saying.

Nick Was So Much Better

Like if you wish they’d bring back shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple and GUTS.

That’s My Kind Of Marathon!

The only kind of marathons you’ll find me participating in are TV marathons.

You Couldn’t Pause TV?!

Just think…twenty years down the road your kids will be saying things like, “You mean to tell me there was a time when you couldn’t pause live TV?”

Awww It Was Just Getting Good!

I hate it when TV shows go to a commercial right when things are getting good.

Stop Mocking Me!!!

When someone makes fun of your favorite show it feels like they’re making fun of you.