This Picture Looks Good!

Taking a picture and thinking, “Dang, I look good.” and then uploading it to Facebook and thinking, “Ew, delete..delete…delete”

All You Have To Do Is Warn Us!

Posts movie spoilers on Facebook, no warning.

This guy has it right

Lets make it happen.

Fido Has More Friends Than Me!

There are dogs on Twitter with more followers than me.

I know her!

She might as well post, “Need attention NOW” as her Facebook status.

#Hashtag Overload

Uses hashtags, on every comment.

Changed Status to Single

Went from “single” to “in a relationship” Fourth time this week, same guy.

Hmmmm Something’s Missing

If she has 500 likes & 500 comments on a picture, what’s missing? Her clothes.

HA! Now He Looks Silly!

Loses argument on facebook, deletes his comments so it looks like you were talking to yourself.