Ultimate Girl Fails

We here at ShutUpI’ love girls. Almost as much as we love this fail compilation vid. Enjoy with a special lady in your life.

Why Is Your Blinker On?!?!

Turns on blinker, never turns.

Google It Bro!

Disagrees with you and tells you to Google it, every site that proves him wrong is unreliable.

All You Have To Do Is Warn Us!

Posts movie spoilers on Facebook, no warning.

The Double Dipper!

Sees chips and dip on table, double dips.

Wanna Play Some Games Bro?

Invites you over to play video games, never lets you play.

Dude, Where Is He?

Always late, never calls to let you know.

I Got The Brewskies!!

No money for rent, buys beer.

Who Does This?!

Finishes the milk, puts empty container back in fridge.

I Love Flag Football!

Plays flag football, tackles everyone in sight.