Invisible Driver Prank

This Happens Way Too Often!

Pulling up next to the only gas pump that is “out of order”

I Can’t Stand People Like This!

A Spot Just For You!

I Try This Every Time!

Changes lanes, miss all the reflectors.

The Granny Lane!

Like if you think highways should have a “granny lane” where old people can drive 50mph.

Yield Means YIELD!

I’m convinced that half of America doesn’t know what a “yield” sign means.

Don’t Pass Me Bro!

Drives slowly, until you try to pass him.

I Found A Shortcut!

A shortcut is the longest distance between two points.

Speed Bump = Speed Up!

Speed bumps don’t really do anything when you go over them at 60MPH.

If You Drive Fast Enough

You can get ANYWHERE in ten minutes if you drive fast enough.