Prank – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I’m Not Lazy!

I’m not lazy…I just don’t feel like doing anything right now…or ever.

OMG I Hate Insomnia Guys!

OMG! Insomnia! Goes to bed at 2am wakes up at Noon.

Power Nap?! Ya Right!

Why do I always feel more tired after I take a nap?

I’ve Never Seen A Sunrise

If I’m up before the sun rises…shoot me.

Sunrise Should Be Around 10am

Doesn’t the sun know that I’m still tired?

What A Cute Baby…Oh Wait

Everytime I see a cute baby I remind myself how awesome it is to sleep through the entire night.

Need To Wake Up Early?

Need to wake up early? Well better stay up all night thinking about how you have to wake up early.

I Finished The Dream!

Went back to sleep for another 10 minutes, finished awesome dream.

Insomnia is my Greatest Inspiration

Insomnia is my greatest inspiration.