Security Camera Captures Runner Repeatedly Pooping In Man’s Yard


Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby


I Can’t Stand People Like This!

A Spot Just For You!

Google It Bro!

Disagrees with you and tells you to Google it, every site that proves him wrong is unreliable.

I’m In Love…Again!

That hilarious moment when your best friend dates a guy for a few days and thinks she is “in love.”

See You Next Year!

Like if you hate people who say, “See you next year!” on December 31st.

I don’t approve.

How does Honey Boo Boo’s mom have a boyfriend, yet I’m still single?

Why so serious?

I feel sorry for people who take things WAY to seriously.

Yield Means YIELD!

I’m convinced that half of America doesn’t know what a “yield” sign means.

Let Me Call You Back

Walking up to the cash register while on the phone, “I’m checking out, let me call you back.”