I Don’t Even Know Those Old People

Walking 10 feet ahead of your parents in the store to avoid embarrassment.

No Homework Mommy!

Sometimes I think mommy is happier than me when I don’t have homework.

I Hate When I Do This

That awkward moment when you say something and sound exactly like your parent.

Of Course I Need Something!

I Don’t Always call my parents, but when I do, I need something.

Mom, I’m Going Out!

“Mom, I’m going out.” “With your friends?” “No mom, with terrorists.”

I Only Asked A Simple Question!!

I ask my parents a simple yes or no question and I always get a lecture.

Why Didn’t You Answer?!?

When you call your parents and the don’t answer it is no big deal. But when they call me and I don’t answer it’s like World War III.

The Dreaded Middle Name Call

The only reason parents give children middle names is so they know when they are really in trouble.

You’re Calling Me a Liar?

My parents accused me of lying today. I looked at them and said, “Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus” and walked away…like a boss.

I Was Supposed To Be Studying

That scary moment when you get a notification that you were tagged in a photo and your parents thought you were elsewhere.