But They Are So Young

Kids born in the year 2000, will be teenagers next year.

A Family Thanksgiving?

You’re spending time with your family on Thanksgiving? But I’m all the family you need!

You’re Interested In Women?!?

Facebook says you are interested in women? You should only be interested in me!

Who took this picture?

I Have An Idea For Costumes

For Halloween we should dress up as a bride and groom.

You Wouldn’t Change Anything?

You wouldn’t change anything about me? What about my last name?

I Wanna Get Married in July

We’re getting married in July, you should probably propose before then.

I’ve Been Counting

We’ve kissed 387 times, I’ve been counting.

Why Are You So Tired?

I’m so tired, I stayed up all night watching you sleep.

Courageous In The Light

I’ll kill spiders and snakes for you, but please don’t turn off my night-light.