People Like Anything

People will like anything on Facebook, try posting “Worst Day Ever!!!” and see how many likes you get.

Talk To The Wall!

If you really loved me, you would say it on my Facebook wall.

I Liked That Photo

Went through crush’s Facebook photos, accidentally liked a photo from 2010.

Facebook Drama!

I can see you’re upset, maybe you should post more about it on Facebook. That should help eliminate the drama.

Facebook Makes Me Feel Good About Myself

When I scroll down my Facebook news feed I think, “don’t care…don’t care…your life sucks…you need a therapist”

I Think Facebook Is Broken

I think Facebook is broken, I put up a status and nobody liked it and I even refreshed it a few times to check.

Is This Facebook or Google?

Uses Facebook status bar, as Google search bar.

I’m So Inspired By You

Your inspirational quotes have inspired me to unfriend you.

Can I Delete You?

I wish I could delete you in real life like I did on Facebook.

Where Was I For That Picture?!!

Does anyone else get jealous when your best friend gets tagged in a picture and you’re not in it?