My Diet Starts Tomorrow

My diet starts tomorrow.

All That Is Left Is The Butts

That sad moment when you have eaten every slice of bread except the two end pieces.

What Are Food Fights?

You mean to tell me that kids have food fights and not fights for food?

Dang You Ketchup Water!

I forgot to shake my ketchup, got ketchup water all over my food.

My Body Isn’t a Temple

My body isn’t a temple, it’s a maximum security prison for fat.

All the Same Restaurants

I’m so tired of eating at all the same restaurants near work

Is There Such Thing?

I ate too many breadsticks at Olive Garden and now I can’t finish my steak.

I’d Be More Excited

Honestly, I’d be way more excited for you if I wasn’t so hungry.

Everything Tastes Like Wax

I burnt the roof of my mouth.

Girls Want to Eat Anything

Men think it’s a woman’s dream to find the perfect man. Every woman’s real dream is to eat anything without getting fat.