This Includes Pineapple!

Don’t trust people who put fruit on their pizza.

You’re Dieting?!

“You’re Dieting?” Thinks about food 24/7.

Deep Fried?!

You had me at deep fried.

A Salad Without Dressing is not a Salad

Let me ruin your perfectly healthy salad with a bucket full of ranch dressing.

Fun Sized Is Never Enough!

Whoever thought a 1-inch candy bar should be called “fun size” should really evaluate their entertainment standards.

Microwave or Oven?

The microwave is faster, but the oven makes it taste so much better.

Why Is My Food Cold and My Plate Hot?

When your microwave decides to heat your plate and not your food.

If It Tastes Good It’s Bad For You

Delicious Food, Y U No healthy?

I Don’t Wanna Taste The Lettuce

Not enough dressing on my salad, now my salad tastes like salad.

Spoons Aren’t Trains or Planes?

So you’re telling me spoons don’t really sound like trains?