You Wreck Yourself?

You Wreck Yourself? Y U No Check Yourself?

Don’t Stop Believin’

I stopped believing for a while this morning, Journey is gonna be so pissed when they find out.

I Try This Every Time

Leave room while song is playing, come back into room and the singing in your head matches up perfectly.

Music Was Way Better Back Then

Music from the past seems better, because only the best songs are still played.

Why Did You Change That Song?!

That awful moment when someone changes the song just before the good part.

I Sound Just Like The Album Until…

My voice sounds great with headphones on. Then I take them off and realize I sound like a dying walrus.

Forgot My iPod

Forgot my iPod at home, had to listen to the radio in the car.

Ouch! My Ear Drum!

Forgetting your iPod was on full blast when starting a song.

Y U No Play Music?

MTV, Y U No play music?

Music or Comfort?

I want to wear my headphones to sleep, but I sleep on my side.