No More Live Versions!

I was looking for a song on Youtube, but I could only find live versions.

Is That Real Or The Song?

That confusing moment when you can’t tell if you are hearing sirens or if it is part of the song.

You Don’t Even Know Me!

Pandora just doesn’t understand me.

Commercials Everywhere

All the radio stations are playing commercials at the same time.

Matching Tempos

The exciting moment when your blinker matches up perfectly to the tempo of the song on the radio.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

When I have a new favorite song I play it on repeat until I’m sick of it.

What Song Is This?

That awkward moment when you can’t tell if it’s Ice Ice Baby or Under Pressure.

Pandora Misfortune

Used last Pandora skip. This song is even worse.