Of Course I Need Something!

I Don’t Always call my parents, but when I do, I need something.

You Didn’t Reply, What Are You Doing?!

You didn’t reply to my txt, I’ll go ahead and send it three more times

Jazz Hands!!!

Multiple exclamation points is the written equivalent of jazz hands!!!!!!

Where is My Phone! It’s Gone!

That dumb moment when you search everywhere for your phone and it was in your purse the whole time.

Hmmm Let Me Rethink This

Changing your entire message because you don’t know how to spell one word.

That Wasn’t Funny But I’ll LOL Anyway

Putting LOL on a txt knowing you didn’t even crack a smile.

Oooo I Instantly Regret That

Throwing your phone in anger, then checking to make sure it’s okay.

I’m Going Overboard With The Ha’s

Deleting one “ha” from your “hahahahahahaha” because it feels like too much.

Forgot My Phone…Ah, Toothpaste

I don’t always read the directions on toothpaste, but when I do, it’s because I forgot my phone when I went to the bathroom.

Why Didn’t You Answer?!?

When you call your parents and the don’t answer it is no big deal. But when they call me and I don’t answer it’s like World War III.