The Dog Ate My Homework

I’ve never had a dog, but it sure did eat my homework a lot.

You Want Me To Show My Work?

My teacher asked me to show my work, so I took a picture of Google and attached it to my paper.

I Need To Know My Grade!!

I graded all your tests, but I can’t hand them back yet because one student hasn’t taken it.

Are You Wasting Time!?

Sees you wasting time, 15 minute lecture on wasting time.

Cursive is So Useful!

This is cursive, it is very important and you will use it all the time.

May As Well Just Tell Me The Day Before

It doesn’t matter if I know about the test weeks ahead of time; I won’t study until the night before.

Dude, It’s Just Dodgeball!

That one kid in class that took dodgeball a little too seriously.

Don’t forget

If you quit school, just remember these 2 things…1.You tried your best, and 2. I don’t like pickles on my Big Mac.

Uh Oh, Gotta Sneeze

Tries to hold back a sneeze in class, farts.

Cracked Your Skull? Just Walk It Off Son!

That one coach who thought you could just “walk off” any injury.