The Midterm Is Worth 40%?

Tomorrows midterm is worth 40%, better go buy the textbook.

I Don’t Know Can You?

Can I use the restroom, I don’t know, can you?

What Did The Teacher Say Again?

I don’t always learn important stuff in class, but when I do, I forget it by the time I get home.

Surprise, Here’s a Test!

Teacher surprises everyone with a test, multiple choice.

Class Time = Nap Time

Can’t stay awake in class, wide awake when class is out.

Takes Notes on This Slideshow

Creates slide show with important notes, goes through it in 20 seconds.

That’s 300 Words on Every Word of the Poem

Over the weekend write a 5 page paper, on this fifteen word poem.

There Are No Stupid Questions

There are no stupid questions, only questions that make you sound stupid.

Guess I’ll Keep Sleeping!

Woke up 30 minutes after class started, day off.

That’s About All I Got In Me

Wrote the first sentence of a 10 page term paper, “That’s about enough for today.”