Class Time = Nap Time

Can’t stay awake in class, wide awake when class is out.

Need To Wake Up Early?

Need to wake up early? Well better stay up all night thinking about how you have to wake up early.

What Alarm Clock?

Hears alarm clock going off, turns it off without waking up.

Here Was the Answer to #23

Just turned in that test? Here was the answer to #23

This Song is Stuck In My Head!!

Hey you know that song you hate, let me sing it for you all day.

I Hear An Alarm Clock

Oh, your alarm clock is going off? Better add that sound to your dream so you don’t wake up.

Remember When Your Boyfriend Messed Up?

Hey remember that stupid thing your boyfriend did six months ago? He should be in trouble for that again.

Now Let’s Take A Nap

Eating will give you energy! Oh that was great, now let’s take a nap.

I Don’t Want To Shower

Doesn’t want to get in the shower, doesn’t want to get out of the shower.

Oh No! What Time is it?

Set alarm for 7am and wakes up at 4am, 5am, 6am to check the time, sleeps until 9am.