You Deleted My Show?!

Watches show on your DVR, deleted it without asking if you’ve watched it yet.

Don’t Pass Me Bro!

Drives slowly, until you try to pass him.

Whats Your Password Again?

breaks up with you, still uses your netflix account.

HA! Now He Looks Silly!

Loses argument on facebook, deletes his comments so it looks like you were talking to yourself.

Out With A Vegan? Don’t Suggest KFC

Knows you’re a vegan, asks if you want to go to KFC.

Can You Give Me A Ride To The Store Bro?!

Can you give me a ride? I can’t afford gas. Buys Cigarettes.

Awesome Party Bro!

Throws awesome party, at your house.

Looks Like Someone Found Waldo First

Finds Waldo, circles him with a pen.

You’re Making Fun Of My Shoes?!

Makes fun of your shoes, wears Crocs

Sorry, Forgot My Wallet Bro

Invites you to dinner, makes you pay.