Drive Me Around Bro!

Asks you to drive him around, makes fun of your car the whole way.

You’re Making Fun of My Job?

Makes fun of your job, unemployed.

This Never Fails to Happen

Asks to borrow a pencil, first day of school.

Don’t Touch My Screen!

Shows you something on your computer, touches your screen.

Called in Sick

Calls in sick to work, shows up same day to pick up paycheck.

He Borrows Your Car

Borrows car, Returns with Empty Tank

Can I Get a Water Cup

Asks for Water Cup at McDonalds. Fills with Soda

Can I Borrow Your Lighter?

Borrows your lighter, permanently.

Goes To Highschool Parties

Goes to highschool parties, 25 years old.

My Bros Need Directions

Yo whose house is this? My bros need directions.