A Gentleman Always Opens The Door!

Opens door for date, hits her in the face.

Uh Oh, Gotta Sneeze

Tries to hold back a sneeze in class, farts.

Finally! The Weekend!

Finally! The Weekend! Has no human interaction until Monday.

Ooooo Didn’t Bring A Bathing Suit

Goes to pool party, doesn’t go in pool.

I Pressed Call, Not Text!!!

Accidentally hit call instead of text, press end call repeatedly in a panic.

Don’t You Hate That Boss?!

Complains about boss to new co-worker. “That’s my dad!”

Hold Everything, They Are Typing Something

While typing message sees that friend is starting to write something, deletes everything and waits.

Why Is She Here?!

Sees crush in public, hides behind parents.

20 Minute Presentation? Make That 5!

Wrote a twenty minute presentation, got nervous and speed talked through it in five.

That Was Rhetorical

Teacher asks rhetorical question, raises hand.