I Try This Every Time!

Changes lanes, miss all the reflectors.

Fall Back!

Daylight savings time. Clock in car will finally be correct.

I Hate Waiting For Things To Cool

Sips on super hot coffee, doesn’t burn tongue.

Never Watched An Episode

Never watched Honey Boo Boo.

This Never Ever Happens!

Turned on MTV, Music.

I Never Floss!

Dentist said I’ve done a good job flossing, I’ve never flossed once.

Surprise, Here’s a Test!

Teacher surprises everyone with a test, multiple choice.

Only One Minute Late!

Forgot to set alarm, work up ony one minute late.

Oooooo Did I Drunk Txt Anyone?

Got drunk last night, didn’t call or text anyone.

I Try This Every Time

Leave room while song is playing, come back into room and the singing in your head matches up perfectly.