How Did I Never See This Before?

Emit is the first name of Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Emit is time backwards.

But They Are So Young

Kids born in the year 2000, will be teenagers next year.

Wristbands Are For Your Forehead!

Sweatbands on your wrist, are for wiping sweat off your forehead.

Do I Have Hypochondria?

Hypochondria, is the only illness hypochondriacs won’t think they have.

Which Way Is Clockwise?!

If all clocks turn digital, how will we know what clockwise and counterclockwise are?

Car Is Short For Something?!

The word “car” is short for carriage.

Cosmos Advice is Bad?!

Cosmo gives bad dating advice, so there are more single women to buy their magazines.

Alaskan Fridges?

People in Alaska use fridges to keep food from freezing.

Run By A Mouse?

Disneyland is a giant people trap, run by a mouse.

Is Ketchup A Smoothie?!

If tomatoes are fruits, does that make ketchup a smoothie?