What’s Gangnam Style?

Gangnam Style is just today’s macarena.

Obama Stole His Campaign Slogan!!

Obama stole his campaign slogan from Bob the Builder.

The Aliens Keep The Smart Ones

Only stupid people claim to be abducted, because the aliens keep the smart ones.

Music Was Way Better Back Then

Music from the past seems better, because only the best songs are still played.

Evens and Odds

Odd has 3 letters, even has 4.

Spandex Means Something?!

Spandex is an anagram for “expands.”

Life After College is More Difficult?

Life after college is more difficult, than taking 4 classes at once.

Anyone Remember Heads Up Seven Up?

Teachers let students play Heads Up Seven Up, to find out who the cheaters were.

Who Are The Flintstones?

Kids today taking Flintstones vitamins, don’t even know who the Flintstones are.

Siri Means Something?

Siri spelled backwards is Iris, Iris is the Greek goddess of messages.