Black Friday Special!

America…where we show how thankful we are on Thanksgiving by running over people just to get a few deals at Best Buy.

Why Does Waldo Wear Stripes?

Why does waldo wear stripes? He doesn’t want to be spotted.

Wanna Go Clubbing?

You know you’re getting old when the only club you visit now is Sam’s Club.

OMG I Hate Insomnia Guys!

OMG! Insomnia! Goes to bed at 2am wakes up at Noon.

You’re Interested In Women?!?

Facebook says you are interested in women? You should only be interested in me!

There’s A Baby, What Do I Do?!

Someone brings baby to house, Googles “how to interact with babies.”

I Got Bigfoot On Tape!

Films Bigfoot, accidentally tapes over footage.

False Advertising!

Giving someone a card with no money inside it should be a crime.

I Can’t Even Crawl a Straight Line!

Walk in a straight line?! But I can’t even crawl yet officer.

Dude, You’re A Dude!

Meets girl on the internet, not a girl.