The Best Cinnamon Challenge .

I Like Turtles!

Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll! .

Funny scary pranks

Gonna have to try a couple of these!

uncool PDA

Facebook couples.  Y U No use private chat?

I mean…we’re not THAT close

I’d take a bullet for you…Not in the head but like, the leg or something.

Yo’ Momma!

That one friend who still thinks “Yo’ Momma” jokes are still funny.

Why Didn’t You Invite Me!?!

That one friend who never wants to go out, but always gets mad when you don’t invite them.

I Love That Guy!

That one friend who laughs at everything you say…I like that friend.

I’m Really Quite Pleasant

I swear, I am really not so bad once you get to know me.