How Could You Do This To ME!

I had a dream you cheated on me! Apologize!

Due Tomorrow? Do Tomorrow!

Due Tomorrow? Do Tomorrow!

A, B, Q, Y, N, F

But officer that’s not fair, I can’t even say the alphabet sober.

Birthdays Galore!

There are so many brithdays around Thanksgiving, because Valentines day is 9 months before.

You Could Have Said No

Asks classmate out, she drops the class.

How Did I Never See This Before?

Emit is the first name of Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Emit is time backwards.

When Did Break Start?

Thanksgiving break started yesterday? Hasn’t been in 2 weeks.

Feathers on a Turkey

Which side of the turkey has the most feathers? The outside.

But They Are So Young

Kids born in the year 2000, will be teenagers next year.

Looks Like No Homework

Homework is worth 5% of your grade. Nice, no homework.