How Did I Kick My Ankle?!

Walking, kicks own ankle.

All You Have To Do Is Warn Us!

Posts movie spoilers on Facebook, no warning.

Can I Record This?!

Arguing with girlfriend, she apologized first.

Time To Turn Your Life Around!

Gives you inspiration to work out, study hard, and turn life around, 2AM.

Owww, Bit It Again!

I don’t always bite the inside of my mouth, but when I do, I bite it 10 more times in the exact same spot the same day.

The Double Dipper!

Sees chips and dip on table, double dips.

You Actually Believed Me?!

Makes up lie to get out of trouble, parents believe it.

Finally A Parking Spot!

Finds perfect parking spot, shopping cart right in the middle.

What Did You Say?

I don’t always tune people out, but when I do, they are usually trying to teach me something.

Why Does Waldo Wear Stripes?

Why does waldo wear stripes? He doesn’t want to be spotted.