What’s a Neighbor For?

A good neighbor is one that doesn’t have a wifi password.

Holding a Sneeze

That awkward moment when you try to hold back a sneeze in a quiet room and you make an awful alien noise.

Finishing a Test First

That awkward moment when you finish the test first and wait for someone else to turn theirs in first.

Elaborate Response Turns Into Haha

That awkward moment when you erase the elaborate response to your crush and send “Haha” instead.

Birthday Card Money

That awkward moment when you open your birthday card and pretend to not notice the money while reading it.

Lazy Rule

Lazy Rule: If you can’t reach it. You don’t need it.

What’s Their Name?

That awkward moment when someone calls you by your name…and you have no idea of theirs.

Boogie Monster Attack

That terrifying moment when you realize your hand is peeking out from under the blankets and is in danger of boogie monster attack.

Finding a Netflix Movie

That awkward moment when you realize you spend more time looking for a movie on Netflix than watching it.

Take Over the World

When someone says, “What are we doing tonight?” You can’t resist saying, “the same thing we do every night, try and take over the world.”