Someone You Don’t Know

Awkwardly standing there as your friend is talking to someone you don’t know.

Awkward Run/Walk

The awkward walk/run you do when a car let’s you cross the road.

Facebook Drama

The awkward moment when someone you deleted from facebook tries to add you again.

Singing Fail

The awkward moment when you try to hit the high note in a song… and fail 🙁


Mentally saying the word “Wed-Nes-Day” when writing the word “Wednesday”.

Lazy Remote

I’d rather beat my remote to make it work then change the batteries.

My Calculator

I press clear on my calculator a million times, just to be sure.

Borrowed Pen

The awkward moment when you realize you’re chewing on a borrowed pen.


The disgusting moment when you’re in school and you touch a piece of gum under your desk by mistake.

Finding A Partner

The awkward moment when you don’t have any friends in your class and your teacher says, “Find a partner!”